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Welcome To Med-Care!

Med-Care is one of the largest primary care and urgent care facilities in northern New Jersey. Our offices are located in East Rutherford & Fairfield. Headed by John C. Scolamiero, M.D. and Amedeo J. Scolamiero, M.D., Med-Care is here to provide you and your families with the highest quality of medical care. We have onsite laboratories, digitial x-ray equipment for immediate results, ultrasound machines, cardiac stress testing units, bone mineral density machines and more. If you are looking for emergency care without the long-wait times of a hospital or you are in search of a primary care physician, search no more! Med-Care is your answer. We are accepting new patients & we take walk-ins. 


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At Med-Care, our specialty is primary care, but we also offer urgent care services. If you are looking for immediate medical care without the long wait times of hospital emergency rooms, look no further. Please see a list of all of our services.


We are now offering several clinics to screen for certain diseases. On Wednesday afternoons between 1-4pm we are offering a pelvic ultrasound clinic for women ages 65 and older. A pelvic ultrasound is a non invasive ultrasound of the abdomen that can help to screen for ovarian or uterine cancer. Most women over the age of 65 do not receive pelvic exams any longer, but they can still develop ovarian or uterine cancer. If you have a family history of ovarian or uterine cancer or a personal history of cysts or any other related issues, talk to your doctor about scheduling a pelvic ultrasound. If your insurance doesn't cover the ultrasound to be done in our office we can perform the test at a reduced rate of $40.

On Friday afternoons between 1-4pm we are offering a PAD clinic (peripheral arterial disease). When cholesterol buildup blocks the arterues to your heart it causes coronary artery disease (CAD). PAD & CAD are associated with one single disease atherosclerosis which is build up of cholesterol in the arteries throughout the body. The presence of PAD in the body can indicate an increased risk for heart disease. If you have pain in your legs and feet, become tired after walking short distances, have a family history of PAD, or are a current or past smoker talk to your doctor about scheduling a bilateral arterial doppler. This ultrasound can evaluate your arteries for any clots. If your insurance doesn't cover the ultrasound to be done in our office we can perform the test at a reduced rate of $145.

On Wednesday and Friday afternoons between 1-4pm we are offering a Stroke Prevention Clinic. According to the American Stroke Association while strokes are more common for the elderly, many people under the age of 65 have strokes. Women are more likely to suffer from a stroke than men & African Americans are more likely to suffer a stroke than Caucasians because they are at a higher risk for having high blood pressure, diabetes, & obesity. If you have a family history of stroke or heart disease, have a personal history of heart disease, are a current or past smoker, are obese or suffer from diabetes talk to your doctor about having a carotid ultrasound. A carotid ultrasound is a non-invasive ultrasound that can be done to check for any plaque or clots on the vessels going to your brain. If your insurance doesn't cover the ultrasound to be done in our office we can perform the test at a reduced rate of $95.

Flu Shots

We have flu shots available in both of our offices. However, we recommend that you wait until at least mid-October to receive your shot. The flu vaccine lasts approximately 4-6 months and with flu season lasting into April/May, it is more beneficial to receive your flu shot later on. We are also offering a high dose flu vaccine for our patients ages 65 & older for anyone with a chronic health condition such as COPD, diabetes, or heart disease. The high dose vaccine is supposed to offer longer vaccination and is more potent against the flu vaccine. We have a limited supply of these high dose vaccines so if you think that you are a good candidate for a high dose flu vaccine speak to your doctor.

As always, no appointment is necessary for a flu shot. We recommend coming in after 2pm during the week and after 11 on the weekends when the office tends to be less busy, but you can receive your flu shot at any time. We will bill your insurance for the flu shot and if you do not have insurance you can still get a flu shot and we will charge you based on our cost.

It is important that you protect yourself against the flu virus. Every year the CDC (Center for Disease Control) designs the flu vaccine based on the current strand of the flu virus. This is why you should receive a flu shot EVERY year. If you have any questions about the flu shot please speak to one of our medical staff.

Allergy Season

Most people think that allergy season only comes around in the spring, but the truth is allergy season lasts from the spring all the way until the winter starts. The fall is typically known for high levels of ragweed and mold which can also stir allergy symptoms. If you are suffering from burning, itchy, runny eyes, a stuffy nose, have difficulty breathing, or a cough you may be suffering from seasonal allergies. We can offer you relief for your allergies by offering a basic allergy shot. Call our offices today if you think you may be suffering from seasonal allergies and get relief today.


We are updating our computer system to EMR (Electronic Medical Records). In order to make this transition go smoothly, we need our patients to fill out updated Patient Registration Forms. While you're waiting to be seen, we are asking you to please fill out this form completely so that your information updates into our new system. If you have any questions, our front desk staff can assit you. As part of our new system, patients can log into the Patient Portal which allows you to look at your medical records. If you haven't already received your log on information and password, on your next visit to the office our receptionists will print out that information for you so that you can access your chart. If you have any questions about how the portal works or are having trouble logging on please contact our office and our IT department can assist you.

Routine Physicals

If you haven't come in for your routine physical yet this year, call one of our offices & schedule your appointment before the end of the year. If you aren't sure if you're due for a physical you can call us & our receptionists can let you know when you're due. A routine physical may include blood work, an EKG (electrocardiogram), & chest x-ray. A comprehensive routine physical may include blood work, EKG, chest x-ray, & ultrasounds. If you are unsure as to what's covered under a routine physical by your insurance, our Billing Department can verify your benefits prior to your appointment. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 


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